1)  Support the cause by donating and sharing our work with your friends, family and networks.


2)  Contact us to join our Action Alert! email list. We'll alert you when opportunities arise to
send testimony, write letters and contact elected officials.

3)  Purchase products for yourself, family and friends from this generous and fish lovin' company (our corporate sponsor):

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4)  Ask friends and establishments with display tanks to stop buying wild-caught animals for their tanks.

5) Learn which fish are wild and which may be captive-bred with our free mobile app, Tank Watch: The Good Fish/Bad Fish Tool for Saltwater Aquariums (available at the Apple App Store).

6)  Ask establishments like Petco and local pet shops to stop selling wild caught animals (including corals). 
Some retailers are selling wild caught animals with misleading labels like "tank raised" or "captive raised"--both mean captured as babies and raised in captivity for a few weeks. Others go as far as mislabeling wild caught as "captive bred".

Use Tank Watch to confirm the potential origin (wild or captive-bred).

Here's a list of wild-caught Hawaii fishes commonly offered for sale in the aquarium trade. (While there are 230 fish species taken by collectors in Hawaii, these are some of the most common.)

7)  Organize a boycott or join a protest against those establishments that continue to sell or display wild caught reef animals.  (Excluding scientific and educational institutions like public aquariums which do serve a purpose).

8)  Sign the Petition Reef Fish are not Ornaments!

Working to Keep Hawaii's Reef Animals on Hawaii's Reefs!