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The Hawaii Div. of Aquatic Resources is holding public hearings on Oahu and the Big Island to take comments on proposed rules to regulate the aquarium trade. Drafted by the aquarium trade and their supporters, the rules would do nothing to prevent the continued depletion of wildlife, subsequent degradation of Hawaii's coral reefs and would not alleviate cultural and ethical conflicts that exist with the trade.

It's EASY to speak up For the Fishes!

1.  Select Oahu, West Hawaii/Big Island or both and then select your reasons for opposing the rules;

2.  Fill in your name, City & State, and a comment (one sentence on why Hawaii's wildlife belongs in Hawaii -- not in saltwater tanks);

3.  Click "submit" and your testimony postcard will be submitted to the Div. of Aquatic Resources, the state agency holding the public hearings. Testimony deadline is Dec. 19 (the actual hearings are on Dec. 5 in Pearl City, Oahu and in Kona, on Big Island).

Postcard testimony includes: "Aloha, I OPPOSE the Aquarium Take rules and request an immediate moratorium on aquarium collecting until the trade's environmental, cultural and ethical impacts have been addressed.", plus your selections below and comment.  

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    West Hawaii / Big Island

    The rules are not based on sound science.
    A thorough environmental & impact review has not been conducted.
    Rules would not reduce the degradation caused by fish collecting.
    Unlimited commercial take of reef fish for aquariums should stop.
    The rules conflict with cultural values and the values we teach our keiki.
    The rules are meaningless because they are not enforceable.

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